​​​​​​​When adidas launched their Adistar running shoe,
they didn't want to position it to fast runners. 
This shoe isn’t about speed, it’s about going the distance.
A shoe designed to take runners on their longest run yet,
whatever the pace. So we wanted to show it that way.
We created an hour-long ASMR film to show all the relaxing benefits of a long slow run, accentuating the runner’s footsteps, breathing and surrounding sounds. 
We didn't want to show how running looks at peak performance, but show how running feels. Creating an immersive and relaxing film to have on in the background, and motivate anyone to brave the great outdoors at their own pace.

Creative Director: Doug Stewart 
Senior Creative: Andy Dawes
Producer: Connor Spindler
Director / DOP: Jules Philippi
Sound Design: 19 Sound

Agency: We are Social
Client Services: Josh Morris
Strategy: Aidan Panagarry
We partnered with author and mental health advocate Jake Tyler to star in the film. In 2016 Jake walked and ran around the edge of Britain on a year-long journey of self discovery to help his mental health. With the right partner we could present more than just the credible benefits of slow running but the greater mental health benefits of movement.
There is an expected pace in sports marketing. A flurry of rapid shots cut to a high tempo track. But not all sport is fast. 
With this ASMR film we wanted to do what no one else was doing - celebrate the joy and tranquility found in the long slow run. 

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