For today’s elite runners, shoe technology is integral to the ability to win races. And lightness has become the deciding factor between those seconds and minutes that make all the difference. 
So adidas decided they were going to make the lightest running shoe they’ve ever made. At 138 grams, this shoe is the blueprint for the future of running, at its lightest.
The 'adidas adizero adios Pro Evo 1'. The world's lightest running shoe, with the world's longest name. But an impossible shoe, needed an impossible campaign...

Creative agency: We are Social
Client: Adidas Running
Creative Director: Doug Stewart
Senior Creative Lead: Andy Dawes
Lead Producer: Jess Ross Hicken
Senior Producer: Faye Rizzo
Client Services: Josh Morris
Editorial Director: Dan Parker
Editorial Lead: Joe Brewin
Photography: Jamie Mourn
So we brought the production functionality to life, taking the weightless technical innovation of the Pro Evo 1 and making it the red thread of our campaign. Blurring the lines of reality and hyper-reality.

Our social content powered our impossible story from tease to launch. From teasing the shoe with an animated murmuration sighting, to creating fake unboxing videos.
On release day we launched the product with our image toolkit and a reality bending mixed-media film shot by BLACKWALL and soundtracked by renowned electronic producer Daniel Avery.

Director & Photographer: Blackwall
Editor: Blackwall
DoP: Blackwall
Music & Sound design: Daniel Avery
Producer: Faye Rizzo

Creative Director: Doug Stewart
Senior Creative Lead: Andy Dawes
We knew that a shoe designed to break records would create a media storm, and our PR activations drove impressions in the billions; breaking out of the running bubble and into wider culture, building the hype to boiling point before launch. 
And then the impossible happened...
At the Berlin marathon, Tigist Assefa made history in the adidas Pro Evo 1’s and broke the Womens marathon world record by a whole two minutes. It was only her third ever marathon race. A superhuman feat that shocked the world, and drove even more hype around the shoe. So we were ready to act.
Photographer: Bilal
Producer: Jess Ross-Hicken
We went live with an out of home campaign the same day all across Berlin. We dropped reactive video content to celebrate Tigists win and captured adidas’ most iconic image of the year. And we gave the Pro Evo the pedestal they deserve, showing those flying shoes hung up around the TV tower. Ending their journey to Berlin in style.
This campaign took a shoe and a performance that felt impossible, and delivered unprecedented hype for adidas and the adizero adios Pro Evo 1. Making it the most talked about running shoe of the year.
VFX & Edit: FMLY Creative

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