In 2021 the nostalgia around the Y2K aesthetic was dominating fashion. Adidas jumped on this 2000's hype and released the shiny new Astir and Adi-2000 sneaker models featuring designs inspired by that iconic era. 
So to launch it on the internet we wanted to create an immersive and interactive world where we could bring Y2K to life.
It's fun and playful. 
It's weird and wonderful.
It's Seriously Jokes.
We collaborated with different creators to make a full toolkit of fun digital experiments. We worked with Pitch Studios to create a toolkit of Y2K inspired Giphy stickers, and we worked with Liam O'Neill to design bespoke face filters and interactive games for Instagram. 
And finally, working with BUTT Studio we created a Metaverse inspired launch film where our campaign protagonist Lola got sucked into a Y2K inspired 3D world, where she could play with the toolkit firsthand; Turning a simple instructional opportunity into an immersive animated hero film.
Creative Director: Doug Stewart 
Creative: Polly Norkett

Account Director: Josh Morris
Strategy Director: Alvaro Carballido 
Strategist: Beth Mackenzie
Senior Cultural Insights Analyst: Rosie Pond

Producer: Connor Spindler
Director/Animator: BUTT Studios
Sound Design / Composition: Shane Connolly
AR/Filter designer: Liam O'Neill
Sticker design: PITCH Studios

Agency: We are Social

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