All good things come to an end,
but what if the end was just the start?
Adidas recognise that the global fashion and sportswear
industries are huge contributors to waste. But where plastic waste
is a problem, innovation is their solution. 
adidas created Made to be Remade. Sportswear that is designed to be recycled, instead of thrown away. Consumers wear it down and then return it to adidas to remake parts of new products. A circular production model which takes waste, and gives it a new life.
We needed to educate Gen-Z consumers across the globe on how the Made to Be Remade process works, and we wanted to integrate that circularity thinking into the fabric of our film.
So we created a film designed to loop, and showed how each product can be remade into more products at the end of its life. Just short-form informative content that was designed to seamlessly loop on social, so that the journey never ends.
Product waste doesn’t have to be seen as the end of the journey.
Because all good things come to an end, but what if the end was just the start?
Agency: We are Social
Creative Director: Doug Stewart 
Creative: Alex Milic
Producer: Kate Pirouet
Producer: Connor Spindler

Account Manager: Sarah Boak
Strategist: Ella Rule
Director: The Queen
DoP: Pieter Mattheus Snyman
Edit: The Queen
Grade, sound design, composition & VFX: Envy Post  

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