It was an honour to be able to direct this piece for adidas football, celebrating the past 15 years they have spent in partnership with Lionel Messi.

A celebration of everything he has given to football,
and the joy that it has given him back.
We cut together game footage, home videos, and archive Adidas commercials in an edit that seamlessly links different moments of Messi's Argentina career together.
We launched this piece as reactive content to celebrate the moment that he won the Copa America with Argentina. An achievement he has been waiting his entire career to accomplish.
Agency: We are Social
Client Services: Gianluca Freschi
Creative Director / Lead: Doug Stewart
ECD: Gareth Leeding
Strategy: Alvaro Carballido

Director: Doug Stewart
Producer: Craig Dixon
DoP: Bernat Eguiliz
Editor; Beth Roberts
VFX: Agile
Music & Sound design: 19 Sound
Grade: Tim Smith @ CHEAT


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